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The Fool. Full-length poetry collection from icehouse press, Autumn 2020.

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Its Motion Keeps.” Broadside published by Desert Pets Press, Autumn 2016.


12 or 20 (second series) Interview, Rob McLennan’s Blog, Oct. 2021.

Sarah Burgoyne in Conversation with Jessie Jones, Canthius, “Whose Pleasure is it Anyway,” June 2021. 


Retiring to the Desert” in The Montreal Poetry Prize 2022 Anthology (forthcoming). 

Morning in the hill and secular phenomena” in Carousel, Issue 47, Spring 2022. 

Eclipse” in Poetry in Voice, The Road Ahead: Poems at a Crossroads, selected by Neil Surkan. Fall 2021. 

Imperfect medium,” “Fase,” “Attempts at exhausting,” and “Aeaea” in Muse Medusa, No. 9: Ulysse figure imtemporelle. Summer 2021.

A corpse flower” and “The addition of not.” Long Con Magazine.  

Midnight Sun” and “Bloom.” Lemonhound.

Runner.” Arc.

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Occupational Drowning.” Minola Review.

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Morning Bells are Ringing.” PRISM International.

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Non Se Ipse” and “Statement of Work.” The Puritan.

On Childhood.” B O D Y (US).

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“why biology” and “the eventual world.” filling station.

“On Clive Wearing,” “last ditch” and “transformative positivity.” Contemporary Verse 2.


Retiring to the Desert,” Finalist. Montreal Poetry Prize 2022. 

The A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry, 2022. Shortlisted for The Fool (2021). 

Raymond Souster Award, 2021. Shortlisted for The Fool.

“Runner.” Shortlist/Editor’s Choice, Arc Poem of the Year 2017

“Morning Bells are Ringing.” First runner-up, PRISM International Poetry Contest 2015.

“Man of One Volume.” Shortlist, PRISM International Poetry Contest 2014

“secular phenomena.” Shortlist, Arc Poem of the Year 2014.

“procession.” Shortlist, The Malahat Review Far Horizons Award for Poetry 2010.